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In my opinion, if you use the basic four movements, I would turn off "Turn before walk"; it wouldn't be a big deal...(?)

I think "Turn before walk" would be nice (even if turning with the back), but then with all eight movements.
Quote from: lorenzo on 18 Feb 2022, 17:12

I've tried to give the idea of a fun trip, added plenty of Easter eggs (that for some obscure reason they carry in a wheelbarrow attached to the caravan :D ) to make the theme stronger.

This. !
I follow heltenjon here, the graphics look sweet. Personally I hope it will all be colorized because the portraits colors are nice.
Hey! :)

[spoiler]Yes, but I feel that I already did all that.
I did find the key and the only hint I found for the password of the locker was on a note because a six letter word and also because I noticed the (brackets).
I really thought it was that .... But that didn't work... that's why i'm stuck  :P

Thank you for every minute you guys put into this! (nod)

Wow very nice colors as always!
And can I guess you like coffee made right?  :P

[spoiler]I can't find the password for the janitor's locker at the hospital?[/spoiler]
Made me think of Loki and Doctor Who.
A complex philosophy that is Space &Time, eh?
Also, interesting ideas that could be put in some crazy adventure game.
And he's right. Someone played it. Or not?  Perhaps elsewhere :P
Quote from: Stranga on 14 Feb 2022, 05:32
This looks great! Love the cyberpunk theme you got going on here, the 3D voxel art really makes this unique. I'm curious, did you take say a "Donkey Kong Country" approach? (3D Models converted into sprite work?) If so, I've always wanted to try this in a future game, it looks stunning!

Ow thank you very much for your motivating comment  :)

I had to look for "Donkey Kong Country" and so, technically yeah, I "voxelized" and reworked some free 3d models, others I made from scratch.  (nod)
I don't know if it's still relevant but I was talking about this (the shadows being cut off)

Again a nice little game with great ambient! I like those "action moments", really add to the experience.
I also like how the puzzles make sense.
Great job! I really had fun playing it  (nod)
I would also watch out for the title, I can see the letters have been cut tu because of the shadow, see? is it a particular font?
And since he's on a trip, use an image where he's walking?
Quote from: heltenjon on 10 Feb 2022, 16:58
Playing other people's games is a great way to learn!  (nod) And if you thought out a great solution to a problem that turned out not to be the correct approach, then you already have an idea for something you can use yourself.  ;)

Yeah, what's always fascinating to me in the creative world, like since the beginning of Time, is how people can inspire each other :)
I played the demo and it was really fun. Great and colorful pixel art and audio.
Loved how you set a everyday setting.

And believe it or not my wife and I call ourselves babe, we eat Chinese takeout every Friday, I'm a video creator/editor and she loves investigations, especially when there's a murder involved !  (laugh)

- At one point when talking to Jason outside the restaurant, there's a sentence with "our our reports"
- Several times, Jason says Bea instead of Brea
Quote from: newwaveburritos on 09 Feb 2022, 21:30
Oh, hey, thanks!  And, yes, I agree this looks great.  I really dig the nightlife neon vibe.
Hey thanks a lot for your comment :)

Quote from: heltenjon on 09 Feb 2022, 22:49
Quote from: Rik_Vargard on 07 Feb 2022, 16:22

My "weaker" skills (still learning) : Coding - Puzzle creation (I could need some inspiration for that when the time comes)

My general advice concerning puzzle creation would be to keep it in mind when you are creating your story. Ask yourself what problems would be natural for your protagonist to meet in your story and try to integrate the puzzles instead of putting them in at a later stage. Also, try to present the problem before the's okay to look for a key to a door, but may break immersion if you have the key and know that you now need to find a locked door.  ;)

Yeah, I see what you mean there, I also played other people's games to learn. I've played 12 so far and there are very different approaches.
Thank you very much for the advice :)
Thank you so much for the answers, guys! :)

Now and then I have those questions that, I think, don't really need a whole new post.
But I want to learn; these are just out of curiosity.
I hope this isn't the wrong place for this  :P

So here goes for now:

1/ Is it possible to keep the Background Music playing when you start a video?
2/ Why use a Boolean when you can use an INT ( 0 or 1)?
3/ Why don't people use something like a "Game Installer" instead of just sharing the files "as is"?
4/ Do you use Hotspots or Regions to have the player change rooms when walking into/ standing on it?
5/ Is it possible to click through the transparent part of a Character's PNG image?

Thanks in advance for any answer, insight, opinion etc., much appreciated! :)
Same here :)
I agree with heltenjon here: The game is beautiful, I love the dreamy colors.

But yeah, I arrived to that part in Spanish and even with google translate it's difficult  :P
Thanks for the comments guys! It's so motivating :)
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