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Thank you for coming back to me so quickly!
Actually, I realized that the AGS player version was the wrong one, now it works!! Thanks a lot! I also found this new article about the android port, that's amazing Thanks
Hello guys, I really need help with this.
I have the emulator installed on Android. I saved my game.exe on the phone. When I open the emulator I can see the name of my game appearing. When I try to open the game by clicking on it, an error message tells that "Error: unable to find game data files". I also added the acsetup.cfg, audio.vox, winsetup.exe.
I am stuck! Thanks in advance! Marta
Hello, I have made a super basic Act 1 and I am curious to see how it looks on Android. I tried the instructions in this forum and I am unable to do it by myself.
Who can teach me how to do it? I would pay per hour and do a video recording of the "lesson".
Please contact me if you are available! Marta
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