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Place the code inside an if condition.

Code: ags

if (can_peek) VerbCoin.RegisterButton(btnLook, eVerbCoinPositionNorth, eModeLookat, "Peek through"); // I'm assuming the keyhole is a hotspot/object.
else VerbCoin.RegisterButton(btnLook, eVerbCoinPositionNorth, eModeLookat, "Look at");

can_peek is a bool, just set it up where needed. (probably better to use custom variables for this though - change the code appropriately)
Problem with nominating best character, for me anyway, is remembering the characters name.  :-\
so I'm happy that some of the authors, provided the characters names on the "for your consideration" thread.
Isn't that what the AGS awards client does?  ;)
Oh, rats! It's still in production!  :~(

Looking forward to release day!  (nod)
Good luck and get this done soon. Let me know if you need a tester.  :-D
The answer is unfortunately, no. Only games/demos posted on the AGS games database posted during 2021 are eligible to the 2021 awards.
Since you posted it first today, it'll be eligible to 2022.  ;)
Being a mediafire user, I too forget that there are ads...
I did however found that you can turn off javascript, before you follow the dwl link. Then the ads won´t show.
Use a javascript blocker, and block Mediafire. Then you can safely download from it with no ads.  ;) You only need javascript on to upload (but I don't get ads when I upload either).
The Rumpus Room / Re: Share your dreams
06 Feb 2022, 11:41
Crossing fingers it'll return. I miss  it.  :~(
Guess I forgot to hit post last night...  :-[

Anyway, happy 25th birthday AGS!  :-D
Wish I had found AGS back in 98 when I search for a game making engine, I would have had 24 years of game making. Instead all I found was one to make text adventure games (and I did start making one, but I soon gave up on it... still have it today  :) it runs with DOS Box).
The Rumpus Room / Re: Share your dreams
01 Feb 2022, 22:32
Love dreams. :)

Though mine are either weird, funny and adventure like (somehow, it's never really "me" and sometimes it's more like I'm watching a movie or playing a game - as in the 3rd person). These are the ones I love dreaming about, but always hate waking up from, as I never get the conclusion.

Like spending an "entire" dream revolving about a plastic bag that I'm caring around, and when I finally open it to see what was inside, I wake up!  (laugh)

I haven't had these fun dreams in a while (I'm likely not sleeping enough these days). The last one that left an impression was a bit surreal, and it involved a city, where I was trying to get in. This city was enclosed by a wall around it... I remember there were toy soldiers guarding it, and I had found an entry through a complex of warehouse buildings attached to the wall... there was shrinking involved as well. And I've long forgotten a bunch of other cool and fun details. Of course, I never got in the city, as I woke up.  (roll)

Then I have 3 recurring nightmares (though again, been a several years since the last one).
- One has to do with elevators - I can't control, it keeps passing my floor, getting stuck half way, flying out of the shaft or crashing down. I think I've learned to take the stairs or exit it as soon as it fails to stop on my floor... Otherwise I normally wake up when I die on the crash or fly into outer space...
- Another is watching planes crashing all around me.  :-\ I'm never on one though, and but can often feel the warmth of the fireball. Never died on one of these dreams.
- The 3rd one is my sub-conscious telling me I need to go to the toilet. It often involves having to hold until I find a toilet (not an easy task) and then once I find it, there's always something wrong with it, that stops me from using it (no lock on the door; I lock the door, just to realize there's a second door - that is open - on the other end; that one of the walls is a transparent glass... and so on...)  ??? With so many obstacles I end up waking up and get to the real toilet in time...  (laugh)

And then there's the traditional "I can fly" dream... which I enjoy and only start getting worried if/when I reach outer-space.  ;)

I tried, about 20 years or so, to write my dreams, but ended up giving up. By the time I was awake enough to write, most details were gone anyway. No idea where the few registers I did made ended up though.
Oh, you're alive! Good to know. :D
Sound good to me, go for it.   (nod)

To be honest, I never notice where stuff are posted at (which sometime makes it difficult to find a post that is a month or 2 old), but it would be nice to be clear where to post these tools fit. I remember I had some trouble with it with the online translator tool. Think I ended up just leaving the thread where it was (in suggestions)...  :-\
Yeah, I just noticed!  :~(
Never say "there's no way", lets rather say "no easy way" or "not with the built in scale function" instead.

I'm sure that you can use floats and manually scale the character/sprites (probably needs dynamic sprites). Though, coding that is beyond my capabilities.
The Rumpus Room / Re: Guess the TV show
22 Mar 2022, 11:37
Funny how me and my husband were just talking about Hill street blues yesterday, and then I log in and see it posted her.  (laugh)
I get what you are after, I was just sharing my own experience as a parent. I can't however talk for other parents.

Personally, I would ever only buy a game for my son, if I thought there was some good educational value attached to it. Like learning a new language in a fun way, or math, or history or... There are just so many good free games that he finds fun to play (and some even teach logic thinking! and I'm happy when I see he choose such a game instead of me imposing it on him).
Your best bet is mouth-to-mouth (or keyboard-to-keyboard), as you make the game, some parents see it, get it for their kids and the kids love the game that they tell their friends about it, or the parents tell their friends about it which in turn gets them to buy the game.

So make it fun for both parents and kids to play, label it correct and post it in as many platforms as you can, advertise it via social media, game reviewers and game events. In other words, just like any other game is advertised. And don't expect to cash in in it the first month or two or...
You can also try and found raise to get the game done, since that would at least give you some advanced sales if successful.
Here's a tip useful for debugging:

Whenever you see that or similar msg, look for missing brackets, parentheses or a " missing in a previous line, just go up the script until you find the line with the missing " (might not be the exact line where the error was detected).
No suggestions, rather than say that parents will most likely search (Google) for it, or use Steam/GOG/etc and search for kids games. But if they're anything like me, they let their kids find the games they want by themselves.
Apart from a few AGS games I downloaded cause I thought my kid would enjoy them (or I downloaded them for my self, and then let him play it as well), all the games my son plays he has either downloaded them from Google play (to his tablet) or when he uses the computer he uses a site with games for kids (this site: I basically just check them to make sure he's playing something that is age appropriate.
I mean, that I don't think that making voting more complicated will get more people to vote.
The only way anyone will cast a vote is if they can find the time to play all entries (even if they just play 5 minutes for each entry, and not finish the game, since that could at least give an idea of how the game plays, graphics, sounds, atmosphere, etc.)

The problem is getting people to spend that little time...

Yes, eri0o, IRC is still a thing. :) Feel free to drop in whenever you like, we'll be there.

Please not that when you place the code in RepExec instead for repeatedly_execute_always(), your bird will stop whenever there's a blocking action going on, like your character walking in a block mode or talking... so, if you wish your bird to not freeze mid flight while your player character is chatting or doing something in blocking mode, I suggest you use repeatedly_execute_always().  ;)
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