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Thanks for the help Snarky! I'm not even pretending that I know half of what's going on in this, but I'm getting an error on line 4 there  - Type mismatch, cannot convert 'float' to 'int'...

I appreciate the help!
Hi - I'm working on a game with walkable areas that are quite thin and isometric, and am finding the continuous scaling option a little clunky for this as it applies quite significant shifts in scaling as the player walks left to right (difference between top pixel and bottom pixel of the area isn't very high, but there needs to be a fair difference in scaling from far left of screen to far right). I found a super old module that can shift the angle of scaling, making it scale from left to right rather than top to bottom (link here), but it doesn't seem to run right now (could just be me being dull) and was just curious if there was already something like this in the updated engine?

Posted in Beginner's since I suppose this could very well be a simple reply! Bit old and rusty on this engine :~(
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