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Elgin, Scotland

08 Dec 2008, 23:16
27 Jan 2022, 23:01
15 Mar 2021, 04:03

I can make midis in various styles.
Play Testing
Exhaustive ability to hammer at anything until it breaks. I never get bored when I'm testing something. Honestly, I can go for hours.
Proof Reading
I have the (sometimes unfortunate) ability to spot typos and grammar errors without even looking for them. They just kind of pop out at me, which is somewhat distracting if I'm reading for pleasure.
Story Design
I'm a very imaginative, creative person, and have written several short stories (in the process of working on a couple of novels).
Voice Acting
I can do various accents. Scottish (obviously), Irish, Welsh, English, passable American, passable Jamaican, passable Australian. I like to think I put a lot of emotion into my work.

NecroQuest 1. Deluxe Nominated for Best Voice Work at the AGS Awards in
Voice Acting, proofreading