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Rui 'Trovatore' Pires


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Lunge da lei per me non v'ha diletto!

26 Jan 2003, 08:34
28 Jan 2022, 05:32
14 Mar 2010, 16:32

AGS Tutoring
I'm more than happy to assist anyone in their leraning process.
Play Testing
I test as extensively as I can, and don't forgive the slightest mistake.
Proof Reading
I can sort out typos and weird-sounding sentences.
I can script your game, if you like. As long as I'm the only one doing it.
Story Design
I can throw in a couple of dialogs, or more. It's quality stuff.
Translating from English to Portuguese, and vice-versa.
Voice Acting
I'm Portuguese, although I can fake some accents, and am in an acting course.

Reach for the moon. Even if you miss, you'#39ll land among the stars.

Kneel. Now.

Never throw chicken at a Leprechaun.