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I Can Help With:
I can help with backgrounds Backgrounds
Most of my backgrounds are cartoonish but i could do some 3d backgrounds
I can help with characters Characters
I can Make some decent characters
I can help with voice acting Voice Acting
I can do Voices Fairly well if you need them
I've worked on the following games:
A Woman For All Seasons Nominated for Best Non Player Character at the AGS Awards in 2010 
Writer, Scripter, Graphics
G. P.'s Lost Adventure 
Lif and the Treasure of the Tanones 
Story, Graphics, Voices, Programing
Next to Evil 
Writer, Scripter, Graphics
Owl's Quest: Every Owl has it's Day 
Made Game
Raven Chapter 1 
Scripter Graphics and Voice Acting
Starship Quasar 
Portrait art
Tales of Chickenry 
Programmer and Story
Tales of Chickenry Chapter I 
Test Rat Escape 
Programming, Graphics, Voice Acting

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