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01 Apr 2006, 12:17
25 Jan 2022, 05:46
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Wendy Whedon 3 - Kasshinkston Express
Story, graphics, programming
Wendy Whedon 2 - Nature's Rejects Nominated for Best Character at the AGS Awards in
Story, programming
Dread Mac Farlane - Le Fils du Pirate
story, programming
Wendy Whedon
Story, graphics, programming
programming, story
Horse Park
programming, graphics
Sims Hogwarts
programming, graphics working
Shai-la of the Sith (1st Version)
story, programming, graphics working
Nina Tonnerre
story, programming, drawing
Pirates of the Monkey Island of the Caribbean
story and graphics adaptation, programming
James in Neverland
story, programming, backgrounds works
Sherlock - The Dark Arts
Story, programming, characters and backgrounds reworks
Looking for Dread Mac Farlane
story, programming, graphics
A la Recherche de Dread Mac Farlane
programming, story, graphics
Space Freakers
programming, graphics
Tao Through Space and Time
story, programming, drawings
Freak Chic
character design, programing
Before the Dark Crystal 2 Nominated for Best Background Art at the AGS Awards in Nominated for Best Character Art at the AGS Awards in
graphics, story, programming
Memories of a Snake
story, programming
Horse Park Fantasy
Shai-la of the Sith Winner of _award_name at the AGS Awards in 2009 Nominated for Best Programming in a Non Adventure at the AGS Awards in
story, programming, graphics
Alien : Puzzle Invasion
Dread Mac Farlane
story, graphics