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Gitter Dun!
Merry Old Land of Oz

14 Dec 2002, 03:03
29 Jan 2022, 18:26
11 Jun 2020, 11:49

I've done a few backgrounds for a few things, and I am willing to do work on any projects. I prefer more cartoonish style's than realistic though.
Play Testing
I am willing to Playtest, and have a few different machines to do it with, including a P1-100, P2-350, and then some P3's and P4's.
Proof Reading
I aers teh geratest spaller evar!
Although I am not the greatest scripter in the world, I am learning quite fast and things are becoming easier for me as the days past. I am available for scripting anytime.
Story Design
I have a very active imagination, and can come up with very interesting ideas, especially for comedies and for very dark stories.
Web Design
For the last few years, I had taught myself HTML and use of programs from Dreamweaver, Arachnophilia, HTML-Kit, and Notepad. I am currently studying in a Cert 4 Web Design course at a NSW TAFE in Australia.

No, I Am Spartacus! Winner of _award_name at the AGS Awards in 2005
Programming, Graphics, Testing, Sound
Pennis: The Ultimate in Pong!
Programming, Artwork and Testing
Lifeboat: Story of Cedrick: The Directors Ultimate Super Cut Edition
Scripting, Graphics, Story and Testing
Lifeboat: Story of Cedrick
Scripting, Graphics, Story and Testing
Brad Bradson I: Key Quest
Programming and Graphics