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San Antonio, TX

13 Feb 2006, 01:49
27 Jan 2022, 17:35
22 Sep 2015, 02:55

Play Testing
beta-tester, will find bugs, and offer any suggestions to make it better
Proof Reading
college level proofreader
basic dialogue knowledge
Story Design
storyline advisor
American Sign Language

NecroQuest 1. Deluxe Nominated for Best Voice Work at the AGS Awards in
betatest and proofreading
The Vacuum Nominated for Best Gameplay at the AGS Awards in
beta testing
NecroQuest 1. The Inheritance
betatest, advanced proofreading
Cayanne Pepper Nominated for Best Player Character at the AGS Awards in
Testing, proof reading

currently working on:

I am in the Brainstorming stage. nbsp Also am trying to gather a team.
I am committing to this game.

Thinking about creating another game, NCIS themed.