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13 Jul 2005, 08:25
24 Jan 2022, 22:10
06 Mar 2017, 07:20

Play Testing
Hey I love playing games so if ya need help with testing, then I can help with that =)
Proof Reading
I can also read over the script and give my opinions.
Voice Acting
I'm not a pro at it but I'll do my best to help however you need it!

BESIEGED: Or How to Get Out of A Castle.... Without Being Catapulted
beta testing
This Game
Beta testing, proof reading
The Vacuum Nominated for Best Gameplay at the AGS Awards in
beta testing
NES Quest
Beta Tester
Cayanne Pepper Nominated for Best Player Character at the AGS Awards in
Testing, proof reading

KPop and AGS....................that is my life.