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Maverick Hunter D-Boy at your service!
Beavercreek, Ohio, USA

13 May 2011, 23:39
27 Jan 2022, 01:09
24 Jun 2021, 01:32

Proof Reading
I can help proofread some stuff.
Story Design
Sure, let's bounce some story ideas between each other and make the game story COOL!
Voice Acting
I do sound kinda monotone when not talking to other people, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Conifer Skunks: Osvald's Surprise
All except music and sound.
Cola Skunkette: A Bit of Cleanup
Story, concept, programming, sound effects, and providing the character of Panphila.
Rainbow Skunk Prism and the Vermin-Truder
Pretty much everything, except music and sound.
White Bear Beauty Chlorinde and the Paranormal Parrot
Everything except music and sounds.
Heavy Metal Nannulf: The Strange Stage
All except music and sound effects.
Rosaura Docelestial: Rescue from Despair
All except music and sounds.
Lydia and the Mystery of Nellreno Manor
Story, concept, and most of the stuff
The Blackbird Strikes Back
Summer Woes - MAGS August 2013 Winner
Bug Identifier