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Tampa, FL - USA

05 Sep 2009, 17:15
29 Jan 2022, 10:38
26 Apr 2021, 01:55

Story Design
Published author.
Voice Acting
American mid-west accent with a YETI mic.

My son and I did it all. Downloaded the music from Incomptech
Adventure: Welcome to the Genre Nominated for Best Freeware Game Created with AGS at the AGS Awards in
Beta testing, character cameo, questions
Mysteries of Peak Valley: Case 2 The White Lady
Voice acting, character co-writing, testing
House of de Sade
Voice of Male Ghosts.
Lilly the Wizard
scripting & testing
The Visitor Nominated for Best Puzzles at the AGS Awards in
9 Hours to Dawn
story, graphics, scripting
A Woman For All Seasons Nominated for Best Non Player Character at the AGS Awards in
Voice Acting

"quotFirst things first, but not necessarily in that order."quot - Dr. Who