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I'm trying to use the DistortChar module in AGS 3.4.0, and whenever I try to distort a character, I get an error message saying "Error: Array index out of bounds (index: 136, bounds: 0..135)."

I thought this might be connected to the module's #define DISTORTABLE_SPRITES line, but changing that number doesn't make any difference.

EDIT: I discovered that if I distort a character in a room's room_load section, I don't get the error message. Looks like I've solved this problem (at least for now).
I'm trying to use the plugin from this thread, but whenever I try to run my game (which I'm making in AGS 3.4.0), I get an error message saying "Error: Game needs to be run in Direct3D mode". The problem is, I am running the game in Direct3D mode. If I uncheck the plugin, the game starts just fine, but if the plugin is checked, I get this error every time I try running the game.

Can anyone possibly shed some light on what's going on here?