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Hey, nice festive theme!

It's been a while since I did any game making, this could be a nice one to try and get back in on. No promises, but I already have an idea or two...  (nod)
Voted. Some cool entries last year, looking back on them now it seems that maybe 2020 did go more quickly than I thought after all.  :)

Thanks Stu for all the work with MAGS, so good to see it still going.
Hey Cool! Recently played the first 2 for award nominations etc. and very much looking forward to continuing the saga.  :)


Finished it and had a great time. I love the tone/atmosphere mixed with the Police Quest sort of 'boring' puzzles. It's actually inspired me to blow the dust off a game I haven't worked on for a few years so thanks for an enjoyable game and some much needed inspiration!   (laugh)