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Here's a star of another kind, a throwing star!
A ninja shuriken with tips coated in deadly poison!

Animated version (this one may go beyond the boundries)

Which image site is best for posting limited pallet PNG or GIF files? This contest has inspired me.
Quote from: Cassiebsg on 16 Oct 2021, 21:01
Early access, sounds to me like you are paying to be a beta tester.  (wtf) And paying for a demo? Unless it's a short game that isn't part of the full game, then no. A Demo is short for "demonstration" and is meant to try and sell the game, and for me it should be free. It's a "play a bit and see how you enjoy it"....

In the case of Kickstarters I feel that granting beta access to backers is actually a good thing to do, though I'm not quite if that qualifies as the same thing as early access since the number of backers would be limited and they may have to sign an NDA as well.
Thanks for that info. You may want to make slow the default as there was some dialog in the opening scene at the start of the game that I missed.
Something that may wish to consider is allowing the user to access the menu system using the escape key. Also sometimes the text changed before I could read it all so you might want to add an option to require a key press to advance it.
Hints & Tips / Re: Metaphobia
24 Jul 2021, 02:24
Quote from: SarahLiz on 23 Jun 2019, 00:31
Gahhh...I'm stuck on the Island puzzle.  I drew out a "map" on paper of each word (or partial word) that's represented by the symbols.  I don't know if I've screwed up royally or what, but I keep trying to no avail.  Please tell me if I'm missing something or mis-translated! 
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goblet(2)          cut           demon(1,2)           blood          transform(1)   

snake         demon(3)      darkness        temple

hand          goblet(3)        dagger         demon(4)       water

big             transform(2)/mouth      dwell      goblet(1)

Does this remotely look correct (sorry if my "drawing" seems weird or confusing!  Hope you are able to see what I'm trying to show you)?  I've clicked the poem about a million times and it doesn't work.  I'm so frustrated!!
This part is also giving me trouble. For reference the poem I'm using is:
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Demon dwell temple darkness.
Cut (big snake) dagger hand.
(Mouth water) blood goblet transform

EDIT: after consulting a walkthrough at Steam I was able to solve the game. The walk through can be found at:
Quote from: Postmodern Adventures on 22 Jul 2021, 08:52
Thank you to all!
Here's a pic of a bunch of characters for the first act (Hollywood):

One of the most gratifying things when developing the game is that having a template for the sprites for the characters, there are no limits to implement them. Not only the key characters, but people who pass by on the street, extras, etc. It's easy and fun!

The guy with his brain exposed, Is that an actual zombie or just an actor in makeup portraying a zombie? :grin:
Something you should consider is an option to skip the arcade sequences. That one near the end was too difficult for me and I was never able to finish the game.
How much play time is estimated for the game?
Quote from: Nowhere Girl on 19 May 2021, 23:17
...QfG4 is less buggy...
When running in ScummVM is it possible for the character to max out his skills? When I tried with the old dos version my save games all got corrupted.
Quote from: DrSlash on 17 May 2021, 11:58
Quote from: mkennedy on 16 May 2021, 17:13
Good job on the remake, one slight comment about getting a perfect score - [spoiler]apparently Rosella does not need to return Cupid's bow to him? Seems he would be a lot more deserving than giving the eye back to the withes.[/spoiler]
Yeah, as sthomannch said, there is no way of returning the bow in any version of the game. I included a text mentioning it in Retold so as to at least make it clear that Rosella does not intend to steal the bow, even if she never gets an opportunity to give it back. While it would be interesting to have an option to return the bow, I didn't want to make any changes or additions that would make the game incompatible with walkthroughs written for the original game. Besides, there are dozens of other things that I would love to alter or implement, but it would just delay the release a couple of years more.
[spoiler]Maybe just add an extra line of dialog at the end where Rosella gives the bow to Genesta and ask her to give it to Cupid next time she sees him?[/spoiler]
Quote from: sthomannch on 16 May 2021, 19:23
About a perfect score:
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Cupid does not come back, no chance to return the bow, also not in the original game

Yeah, It's just that if I remember correctly
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she made a comment about giving it back which was kind of why I wondered about it.

Good job on the remake, one slight comment about getting a perfect score - [spoiler]apparently Rosella does not need to return Cupid's bow to him? Seems he would be a lot more deserving than giving the eye back to the withes.[/spoiler]
If by point and click you mean mouse driven then you may want to check out "The Dungeon Revealed" for the Macintosh.

How does the day/night cycle work when you disable the time limit and dead ends?
Thanks for the option to avoid dead ends!
Is the text parser present at all or is it strictly point and click?
Quote from: Danele82 on 30 Apr 2021, 10:29

Steal the clothes from the main antagonist from the first/second movie! They look like they are probably the same size.
Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness  was released fairly recently.
Quote from: EjectedStar on 26 Mar 2021, 19:32
... I'm still on the fence about having to throw a boot at a cat within in the first hour of the game that will ultimately leave you soft-locked 5 hours later, so we'll put a pin in that for now...

Is soft-locked like a dead end or just an ending ending that isn't optimal?
What band plays the heavy metal music heard in the video?