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Started by dbuske, Sun 01/10/2023 21:01:31

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I don't understand how Gimp makes a characters background
transparent and show the transparency in Gimp.
I have gone to the Gimp forums. NO answer yet.
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I don't understand your question. Could you elaborate what you are trying to do?


Start with a new image, right-click the layer palette and create a new layer (it should be transparent by default).
Now right-click the background layer and delete it.
The background of your image should now show the checkered pattern representing transparency.

Note that unless you're using anti-aliasing, i.e. smooth brushes, you can leave the background a uniform color and make it transparent during importing the sprite into AGS.


Actually, GIMP's default setting is Background Color for the fill :) Or at least that's what the version I installed came with.

You can either change the default in the settings (Preferences > Default Image > Fill with) or just add transparency by right clicking your layer and choosing Add Alpha Channel from the menu.

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