[EXPERIMENTAL] Editor with full Unicode support

Started by Crimson Wizard, 08 Feb 2022, 10:19

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Crimson Wizard

After adding Unicode support to the engine in 3.6.0, and allowing UTF-8 translation files, I honestly thought to stop there, as it covered some use-cases and we had a lot of other problems to work on.
But now when 3.6.0 is progressing well towards completion, I suddenly decided to look into this again, and found that maybe it's quite doable to support Unicode right in the Editor.
There were number of doubts, but eventually it appeared less scary than anticipated.

Following is an experimental build, made on top of latest 3.6.0. This is only for testing, please don't use for real games yet, because if it contains mistakes it may ruin your game texts.
Download zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/36iscyq3ydfb70t/AGS-
Opened issue (if necessary): https://github.com/adventuregamestudio/ags/pull/1542

Find "Game text format" in General Settings (in the topmost section), and switch to UTF-8..
Make sure to import proper unicode fonts and set them anywhere you want them be used (Game.SpeechFont, gui labels, and so on).
Here's a free universal one if you need: https://unifoundry.com/unifont/ but in theory any correct TTF font will work.

What is supposed to work (if it does not - that's a bug):
* Human texts in game options: object descriptions, etc
* Custom properties' text values;
* Texts in scripts (in double quotes)
* Speech lines in dialog scripts
* Mixing multiple languages, even in the same string.

What will not work (and not supposed to):
* Script names of characters and objects, etc;
* Custom properties' names;
* Anything else in scripts: variables, function names etc.

Crimson Wizard

Updated with a new version, this time almost ready to merge in, but still in testing (found non-critical bugs).


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