Error message clarification request: "invalid loop number specified"

Started by Dave Gilbert, 15 Dec 2021, 17:30

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Dave Gilbert

Would it be possible to include the character and view number on this error message? It would save a *ton* of time. :)



Dave Gilbert

YES! That extra bit of clarification would be super useful.

Crimson Wizard

We have TONS of messages like this in the engine. I believe this should be fixed systematically, after we have some good plan about it.

But in general idea is to have same message format for all contextually connected errors. E.g. if it's an error about Views, then it should include view/loop/frame and their valid range. If it's error about room object it should include object's name, and if about character - character's name; and so forth.

I'll try to write a task ticket for this, for the future reference.


Just as a note, the clarification above is now in (for the next 3.6.0.X), what CW mentions is we need to come up with a way to clarify for all other cases in some sistematic way. This is more work and will take a while.

Dave Gilbert

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