[Editor feature request] View sprites/viewframes at actual size?

Started by Dave Gilbert, 06 Sep 2021, 13:46

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Dave Gilbert

Hi all! Dave again coming into this forum to ask for stuff!

My game is 1920x1080 resolution, so my graphics are on the large side. Here is a sprite of one of my characters, Lisa:

When I try to view her graphics on the sprite tab or on the viewframe tab, the images are so tiny and pixellated that they are almost unviewable:

Is there any way to view these at actual size? Or at least make them bigger? It would reduce my squinting by a lot. :D

Thanks in advance!



The sprite viewer should have a way to zoom in and out now, in the 3.6.0.X releases.

The view editor when I looked it was a bit harder to implement, so I didn't attempt it there, the views use a custom drawing on their winforms component to make it faster, but it was less trivial to add a zoom slider there. Need to try again.

Edit: I remember now, when I tried, I got the problem that when views are resized the scroll simply doesn't follow - you get a scroll that once you scroll all to the right there are still frames out of view. Probably missing some math somewhere there.

Edit2: the issue for the Views  on GitHub

Dave Gilbert

Oh excellent! I've held off upgrading to 3.6.0 until it hits beta. This is great news. Thanks!


Found my sketch of the view zoom, did some little fixes

I think it's working alright


I don't have a HD image to test as loop to verify it actually solves the problem though...

Editor to test (please copy your project and just load the project copy, do not use in the project or backup first!) : AGS-


If you still don't have one tomorrow night, I can export one of my characters for you to test.  (nod)
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Crimson Wizard

Quote from: Cassiebsg on 25 Sep 2021, 22:21
If you still don't have one tomorrow night, I can export one of my characters for you to test.  (nod)

I think it will be more worth if real users would test this on their projects, so to see with their own eyes. There's a download link in the end of the post.

Dave Gilbert

Sorry I didn't see this before now!

I will test it out tomorrow. Thanks so much.

Dave Gilbert

This works wonderfully!

The images are kind of pixelated (looks like it's scaling using nearest neighbor and the alpha channels don't carry over), but I can at least tell the sprites apart now which is MUCH more preferable to what it used to be. Thanks so much!


Uhm, I think maybe the aliasing has to be a config (the sprite viewer some people already asked me when I didn't use nearest neighbor there). It's not as simple since part of the image drawing is done in AGS native today so the change would be there, but it's interesting seeing the reverse problem. I will try to come up with something that works.


I am again looking at this but the only thing I will change from my previous approach is having the zoom trackbar be a more obvious zoom control which I haven't been able to make one up yet - winforms is tricky. But I don't think I will change much beyond it now - I prefer to have this in, than not at all, even if it's not perfect. :/

For now it looks like this:

Edit: this will be in the next 3.6.0 release :)

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