[BUG] Autocomplete issue

Started by Dave Gilbert, 19 Dec 2021, 15:33

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Dave Gilbert

Sooo I'm having a weird autocomplete issue and I can't make heads or tails of it. I have a custom say function called "GSay", which takes two enums I declared called "eGesture" and "eExpression." It looks like this:

Code: ags
import function GSay(this Character *, String sayThis, eExpression myExp=ex_none, eGesture myGest=eGestureNone); 

and works like this:

Code: ags
cJoe.GSay("Hello!",exSmile, eGestureWave);

It works just fine, but if I write a line a dialog that includes a comma, the autocomplete skips the "Expression" parameter and goes right to the "Gesture."

For example, the line below (which has no comma) behaves properly when autocompleting:

But this one (which includes a comma in the string) does not.

Am I doing something wrong here or is this something internal?

Any help appreciated!



This looks like an Editor bug in the autocomplete.

Reading the source, I think GetNextWord should return the full string. Now it will only return the " character.

Edit: Tracking this one here: https://github.com/adventuregamestudio/ags/issues/1481

Pajama Sam

I have this problem with practically anything.Sometimes when the game crashes the autocomplete wont show.and I have to run the game again before the autocomplete finally works.This is in ags 3.5.0.

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