If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers

Started by Laura Hunt, 10 Mar 2021, 10:49

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Laura Hunt



A tale of dark and troubling things

(A free point-and-click adventure anthology in four acts.)


In a luxurious hotel room in Rome, freshly arrived from Turin, Carlo awaits for his lover Patrick to arrive. However, as the shadow of fascism looms ever larger, the tension of meeting in constant hiding is beginning to take its toll.


Lady Winterbourne has lost her husband in a tragic accident. Now letters from pretenders to her vast fortune keep arriving every day at her mansion, yet the only thing she's interested in is the bottle of laudanum in her cabinet.


Harassed, ridiculed and belittled by his peers, Dr. Jordan Samuels has resorted to the occult sciences in a desperate attempt to turn the tables on his tormentors. But is he truly ready to face the Guardian of the Threshold?


As much as Laylah enjoys her job, sometimes she yearns for a bit of variety to distract her from her daily routine -- even if it means going against her very powerful bosses' orders.


Laura Hunt: coding, writing, music, sound design.

Thomas Möhring: art, animations, cutscenes.

Additional music:

[spoiler]- Emanuel Salvador, 3 Old Viennese Dances - I. Liebesleid (Fritz Kreisler, 1910). Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 3.0.

- Walter Scanlan, Always (Irving Berlin, 1925). Restored mp3 transfer of original recording licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 2.5 by the University of California, Santa Barbara Library.

- Gnossiene No. 1 (Erik Satie, ca. 1890). Piano performance by Edward Rosser, from public domain recording. Harp performance arranged by Laura Hunt from MIDI file by unknown sequencer.

- Gerluz, Serenade for Strings Op. 22 - II. Menuetto (Antonin Dvorak, 1875).  Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0.

- Amelita Galli-Curci & Tito Schipa, Parigi, o cara (Giuseppe Verdi, 1853). Performance from 1924. Copyright status unknown, assumed to be public domain from the date of the recording.

- Mal Hallett and his Orchestra, My New York (Irving Berlin, 1927). Public domain recording.

-  Zephyrus Early Music Vocal Ensemble, Sanctus. Arranged by Sally Sanford and Paul Walker. Public domain recording.

- Jack Stillman & Orchestra, At peace with the world (Irving Berlin, 1926). Restored mp3 transfer of original recording licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC 2.5 by the University of California, Santa Barbara Library.

Additional sound effects from freesound.org and the BBC sound library.

Game testers: Kastchey, Sandra T. Almeida, Durq, Creamy, Ivan Mogilko, TheFrighter, heltenjon, Deabriel, Morgan Willcock, Darío, Racoon, Selmiak.

Very Special Thanks: Ivan Mogilko, Morgan Willcock, Érico Porto, Laura Topakian, Gunnar Harboe, Khris, Deabriel, Irene, Dida.


Congratulations on the release! Downloaded, will take a peek at it tonight and then try to find some time later this week to play and applaud.


Congratulations to the release Laura! I'll celebrate your beautiful game this night with a cup of the finest Black Tea. Can't wait to play it and delve into this gloomy and dark atmosphere. :)


Wow congrats guys! I can't wait to play this!


Congrats, looks (and sounds) amazing!


The AGS awards for 2021 is reported to be an exciting free-for-all in the categories Best Short Game, Best Voice Work, Best Demo and Best Non-Adventure Game.

I'm honoured to have had the opportunity to playtest and give feedback on this piece of art. Congratulations again on the release! I hope the game gets the audience it deserves, despite tackling the darker corners of our minds.

Ian Aloser

Congrats on the release, Laura !!!
I am already playing it and I am overwhelmed by the atmosphere of this great piece of art !
Graphics and story are fantastic , will provide more feedback later.
Thank you so much for this great piece of entertainment, you did an amazing job !!



Congrats on the release!!! I can't wait to taste this. Cheers!


Congrats on the release! It's so cool!


There are those who believe that life here began out there...


Congratulations on the release! I hope I have time to play this next weekend!

Laura Hunt

Thanks for the lovely words, everybody. I hope that those of you who haven't played it yet will enjoy it as much as those who already did! Big kudos especially to our testers, who checked every nook, cranny and pixel in their relentless search for bugs (nod)

Man, I can't believe that some two years ago I was asking "hey guys, how can I make the cursor change over a hotspot?" :-D And now I need to learn how to use dictionaries and sets and the new cameras! There really is no rest for the wicked ones.


Congratulations! I'm only partway through, but I think you may have set a new quality standard.

It reminds me a little of the novel The King in Yellow, by Robert Chambers.

Also, [spoiler]nice Twin Peaks reference at the gramophone in part 2.[/spoiler]

EDIT: bicilotti has informed me that this novel exists and now I will need to read it.


That looks amazing, I can't wait to try it

Laura Hunt

Quote from: brewton on 10 Mar 2021, 20:07
Congratulations! I'm only partway through, but I think you may have set a new quality standard.

It reminds me a little of the novel The King in Yellow, by Robert Chambers.

Indeed, it was one of my main influences! In fact,

[spoiler]one of the three books you can read in the parlour in act 2 is a fragment from The King In Yellow (more specifically, "The Sacrifice", from the prose poem "The Prophets' Paradise".)[/spoiler]

QuoteAlso, [spoiler]nice Twin Peaks reference at the gramophone in part 2.[/spoiler]

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well :-D A couple of names in act 3 might sound familiar too, then ;)


Oh, wow, I've been following the other thread in the "in production" forum so it's exciting to find it here and ready.  Congrats on finishing and getting it out there.  I look forward to playing it!


First, off congrats on release.

Some negative things first.
1) Imho the title is horrible, very hard to remember, much harder to abbreviate, imho the title needed to be maybe something else or "Four Travelers".
2) Layah's arc should have been playable in my opinion. I wanted it to be.

Positive things now:
1) Every story is brilliant. The evoking of the emotion that is dominant in each of these stories, is there. I specifically enjoyed the hell out of the last act!
2) The characters, every single character is memorable and very well fleshed out!
3) The art style, I mean, what can be said, it's fucking mindblowing!
4) The music, really well done there on the usage and the creation of new pieces all of which mesh together with your writing and the artwork!
5) The pace and the flow of puzzles is really well done, it works a lot as an interactive story of course, but that is intentional and doesn't bother me one bit!

Overall, I think a solid 9/10 if we're being harsh, 10/10 if we're being fair.
No more military army stuff. I'm alive and back.

Two Tales

Well... I haven't been here for a while and thought I'd come back for a browse through the website. Glad I did because this looks fantastic! I'm so gonna download and play. I can already tell I'm gonna like it.


I saw it, and now I can't unsee it: I looked at the Recent Games list and read "If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers Fool Around".  (laugh)


Nice game. Is there only one path for each character or can they do things differently?

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