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Hi guys! My game 'Content' is finally released ! If you like horror and point-and-click adventure, please check it out!  :-D



The main character Anthony is influencer, who runs a cat channel.
One day my colleague influencer provokes me by saying that I can't gain popularity in cat videos.
To make matters worse, he is in trouble for not paying his rent.
He plans to make a hit by filming a huge insect video.

Trailer :

Download link(itch) :

Screenshots :


Sweet pixel art and a tasty amount of gore as always, UKZ. Congrats on the release!



Thank you for always helping me! Thanks to you, I finished another one.  :)


I played this relatively short game last night. Overall, a great experience!

- Creepy story, graphics, music and animations. Contemporary theme about a YouTube influencer desperate for views
- Well-designed puzzles. Not unreasonably difficult but I like the multi-stage puzzles in particular.
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The last puzzle was a time-consuming pixel hunt. You might want to make the last puzzle item stand out a bit more

- This game is a great improvement over FALL in the sense that it was more refined and the story is easier to follow
- There are a lot of items that make the cursor glow when you hover over them, but there's no action available (i.e. look or use). I found that confusing.

Cheers to all those who participated. I noticed a lot of familiar names in the credits :)


Congratulation on another monster-filled release! Looks great! After seeing the trailer, I want to know how do you get from cat videos to huge killing creatures in the game. ;)


Thank you for playing! The part about pixel hunting is. I'm going to improve it so that it won't be in the next work.
The next game will be easy to navigate through items. I'll design a puzzle that needs more thought.
Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you lorenzo! As you said, cats and insect monsters are very different themes.
That's why I want to make a bright theme. I put in a theme about cats.
Thank you for your interest!


Wow, that sounds bizarre! Almost like something out of the sick mind of Franz Kafka! Let me try it!  :-D
edit: And it looks beautiful!



Thank you! I hope you enjoy the game!  :-D


I am definitely going to give that one a go when I have a little bit of free time :)


Thank you for your interest in my game!


I had fun and recorded a longplay

as I wrote there, some more animation frames for the actions would have made it even better :)



The feedback you sent me during the FALL development was very helpful.

I will also reflect the improvements you wrote about the animation frame in the next work. Thank you so much for your feedback!  :)


I will dl and play, well done :D
This is the Way - A dark allegory. My Twitter!  My Youtube!



Thank you for the comments! Enjoy this game, too!  :)


Just finished it!
Another great game in this series, and you are very obviously developing your style!!!
This is the Way - A dark allegory. My Twitter!  My Youtube!

Laura Hunt

I finally found a moment to play this and I have to say it's definitely an improvement over FALL in so many ways! Although I preferred the darker visual style of the first game, everything is so much more polished here. The gameplay and puzzles are more streamlined, and I'm surprised to say that the QTEs are a really nice touch and very well implemented.

There are still some little things I would like to point out, however, since they are very easy to fix and would add a bit more polish to the overall experience:

- Item and hotspot names in the lower left hand corner are really hard to see sometimes. Simply using a font with an outline would fix this tiny issue.

- Like Shadow1000 said, some items don't react when clicked, or only when you left- or right-click them, or when you have the appropriate item. This feels weird, and I really believe that there should be at least a few generic reactions like "I can't do that" or "Nothing of interest there" or whatever, so that no interaction is left blank.

- There were a few typos, spelling mistakes and inconsistencies (some item/hotspot names were capitalized, while some weren't), but still, much better than the stuff I've seen from some native English speakers :-D Please feel free to ping me if you want someone to proofread your next game, I'll be happy to take a look!

In short, congratulations, you really are developing a really unique and uncompromisingly personal style. Looking forward to the next one!


@Laura Hunt

Thanks! Feedback from the last FALL was really helpful!

I tried to reflect on the feedback at that time.

In the case of spelling, Kastchey corrected the misspelled words.

However, some corrections were omitted by my mistake.

Anyway, thank you again for playing my game and giving me feedback!

I'll ask for your help in correcting the letters in the next project.
(Maybe I'll ask Kastchey again. and I'm going to ask the thread for help.)

Thanks a lot!


It's always useful to have more than one proofreader :)

Laura Hunt

Quote from: Kastchey on 18 May 2021, 19:24
It's always useful to have more than one proofreader :)

Oh woops! I didn't even see that you had helped with proofreading. I swear I wasn't throwing shade at you :-[ But yeah, two pairs of eyes are probably better than one in any case!


Quote from: Laura Hunt on 21 May 2021, 18:27
I swear I wasn't throwing shade at you :-[
It never crossed my mind :)

Seriously though, I remember some of the commercial AGS games I've played had several proofreaders per language. I don't suppose they would be wasting their budget so there must be a value in this.

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