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Started by Sinitrena, 04 Feb 2022, 19:40

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As it happens, I'm currently admin for the Sprite Jam and the Background Blitz. For the Background Blitz, I put the topic Dream Sequence and I thought we might combine these two art competitions a bit.

So, for this Sprite Jam, I ask you to come up with an object or person or thing that reminds your character of the real world and serves as their anchor or focus in the dream world - something that allows them to return to reality or just understand their surroundings better.
You can present this anchor as a room object, a character sprite or an inventory item.
If you want inspiration, you can have a look in the current Background Blitz (but you don't have to) and maybe even enter both competitions with matching entries (if you feel like it).

Deadline for the Sprite Jam is February 18 (note that it's earlier for the Background Blitz).


One day left. Come on, guys, someone must have an idea!


The Phonebook.


Not the most exciting grimoire, but among the most useful. Use it to operate the telephones found throughout the dreamscape. Never fear, you are never far from a telephone. Waterlodged halls on doomed cruiseships, dark castle dungeons with guttering candles, suffocating jungles where the drums come ever closer - a telephone is near and is your aid. It may be a picture of a telephone on a mantelpiece, a drawing of a telephone on a cave wall or a telephone carved of wood or made out of spiderwebs, it will be there, and need only to be released and bound by the psychonaut.
In an emergency, you can use the grimoire to make the telephone call out to you. This is a risky proposition - you must always be wary of answering the telephone in a dream.

The idea is, the player use this item to activate and interact with the hidden telephones scattered in the levels, to save the game and get more clues and such. Telephones are also fast travel nodes, where applicable. If the player cannot find the telephone, they can use the item on themselves to reveal it, but there is a trade-off.

Example from my picture in the other thread - https://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=59735.0

There is a telephone in the room, sealed inside the picture of a telephone on the left. The player needs to solve a little puzzle to make the telephone appear, or they can make it ring and appear by itself, but they will get a nasty call from the telephone and will lose some stability points. That is the theory, at least.

It does not come across well on its own, but the inventory image is part of the style of the GUI - a sort of primitive tablet computer with a greenish display.


It's the trusty bedside lamp. Just pull the cord and you're back to reality.



Two entries - that makes this a competition! Nice!

And as it is a competition, we need to decide a winner. Please vote for your favorite and second favorite entry. Just votes are fine, some comments are even better.
Remember, you do not need to be a participant in the Sprite Jam to vote in it, everyone is allowed to. Get your votes in until 24. Feb.


When I posted here I didn't realize that the sprite jam was about to end.

If it were for me this doesn't have to be a competition and I'd gladly let Reiter start a new one :) I vote for the phonebook anyway  ;)


That's... that's not how this works. You entered, you will FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :P
Or to the most points, which we're seriously lacking here, just one single vote is just not enough.
Everyone: all you need to do is look at two nice little sprites and then post a single name, nothing more, that's all, I sweat. No secret fees, no contract, just the good feeling of having voted. Anyone? Please?

Paper Shippy


Quote* Sprite Jam: Draw a sprite/sprites that fits the theme and size/color rules of the current event. Normally it's up to the host to decide who the winner is, and the winner will be the host to the next constest.


QuoteNormally it's up to the host to decide who the winner is, and the winner will be the host to the next constest.
I guess that's technically the rule, but I don't know when it was practiced like that the last time. The next admin can certainly revert back to this. For this round, the winner is decided by the practical application of the democratic principle  :P

We have a very small lead - I'll leave voting open for a few hours more and post the winner sometime early evening (forum time)


Alrighty, nobody else wanted to vote, so we have a winner.

But first, let me tell you that I love both entries. They are both creative, clever ideas for a slightly weird topic and I think they would both work really well in a game. Well done to both of you.

But there's only one person eho can win here, and in this case it is Reiter with the smallest of margins.

Congratulations, Reiter, your turn to start the next round!


Here, too, I must offer my apologies for not taking the time to do my civic duties. It was a fun competition, and since I am now given the opportunity, I believe that I too shall think of some way to link the Sprite Jam and the Background Blitz themes.

Thank you very much for the votes, the kind words and the splendid competition, and my apologies for not giving it its due attention.

That is a very nice little lamp, mind. I am quite envious of how nicely done the lampshade is. It is truly the little details. Very well done!

Keep an eye out, for I shall see to the next Sprite Jam competition shortly. Thank you all!

Paper Shippy

Probably best to play some more of the waiting game (again).

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