Fortnightly Writing Contest. THEME: A Mysterious Town. Deadline: March 17th

Started by Mandle, 03 Mar 2022, 09:17

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You all know the tropes:

Whether it be a town slightly embarrassed by the problem of the inbred cannibal family living on their outskirts, or a community where all the roads leading out (if any) just lead back into town from the other side, or that one that seems mired permanently in the culture of decades past, the concept of the mysterious town where everyone, except the outsiders, seems in on the secret holds a cherished place in storytelling.

Write a story set in a town that guards a secret, told either from the perspective of the outsider(s), the townspeople, or both, or even the town itself if sentient.

And hurry! Before the creepy little boy zaps you to the cornfields!


Anyone working on anything?

I'm writing my own story again just for fun but not for voting.

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