Coloring Ball: That's... that's NOT a classical Christmas Ornament (Results)

Started by Sinitrena, 23 Nov 2021, 17:23

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1. sinsin gorgeous
2. Rincewind reminds me of DOOM
3. Pax Animo funny

Mee too couldn't figure out Cassiebsg's item, any hint anyone?


1st: Rincewind
2nd: arj0n
3rd: SinSin

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It's a golden blade with a tree handle, to chop stuff... with a "splash of red" cause it's xmas....  (laugh) or maybe cause something else...  (roll)

Inspired by:
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There are those who believe that life here began out there...


There's still a bit more time for votes and so far we do not have a clear winner - so get your votes in!


Great entries all around.  It was hard to narrow down, harder to place them!

1) Rincewind
2) SinSin
3) Cassiebsg

Good luck!


And we have a winner!

First of all, let me say I love all your ideas; they are amazingly different and creative.

But as always there must be one winner and the forum has decided.

As our third place, we have SinSin's snowman - a beautiful picture. For my taste still a bit too seasonal, when the challenge was specifically to go for something weird. But that doesn't change the fact that it looks very good. I especially like the perspective, the angle used to llok on the snowman. Though, to be honest, the original shape doesn't really matter to this entry, any shape could contain this picture.

Our second place goes to arj0n's Patrick - great idea and fits perfectly with the shape. I could even imagine that something like that is sold somewhere for fans of Spongebob (and if it isn't, it probably should; I'm sure there are enough people that would hang this on their tree.)

And our first place is Rincewind with his demonic Baphomet - amazing; love it. It's really good from an artistic point of view and from the idea. Not only is the star upside-down, the whole concept of nice, seasonal decorations is as well, with the demonic, evil nature of this work. And best of all, I would put it on my tree.

Thank you all fpr your great entries.

Rincewind - your turn to start a new round!


Oops I forgot to vote !! 

I would have gone 1) Rincewind 2) Pax 3) Cassie.

I didn't realise they were supposed to be strange looking oops
Next time I will be sure to read the brief hahah
Currently working on a project!


Oh wow, thanks for the votes, guys! I'll try to start a new round asap some time tomorrow!

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