Frame Rate, Movement Speed & Animation Delay

Started by Lukey J, 28 Feb 2022, 11:55

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Lukey J

Good Morning,

i've created a nice smooth Walk cycle in after effects 24 .fps 1sec long

when i add it to the game

Animation Delay 1
Movement Speed 24

it becomes very blurry when in motion - im not sure if its the speed setting or the frame rate or what?
any help would be grand!


No, movement speed is not FPS. It is something like how many pixels the character's position will advance every frame.
If you really make everything in the game 24 FPS (or a fraction of it ) you may set the game to run at this frame rate (or a multiple of it, like 48 or 72 FPS), by using the SetGameSpeed() function.
You may put this in the game_start() function of the Global Script. Like:
Code: ags

function game_start()


Quote from: Lukey J on 28 Feb 2022, 11:55
i've created a nice smooth Walk cycle in after effects 24 .fps 1sec long

hey, is this using lottie?


Animation Delay needs to be 2.
40 FPS is the default setting, and 40 / 24 ~ 2.

The movement speed is the amount of pixels the feet move back in between frames, play with values like 10 until the character stops gliding / moonwalking.

Lukey J

i've changed the walk cycle to 12 frames long
and the game speed to 24 FPS

with a animation delay of 1
that seems to look aright

still kinda blurry when he walks

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