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Started by eri0o, 25 Mar 2022, 16:24

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Hey, I think I asked this before at some point but I don't remember when. I am making a tool (nothing major) and soon I will be able to have a working release, and as so I will like to post about it in the forums - to get feedback, showcase, note about releases...

Erh, in which board should companion tools go? The module and plugins, the Editor, ... ? There are some tools that were already added/mentioned in the forums and they seem to be in different boards, so I am trying to figure out where it's best to put it.



Personally I think Modules & Plugins should be fine, though the board's name doesn't reflect this.
For tools related to art, we do have places specifically for them (see the stickies in the Critics Lounge section), but for other general tools we don't have any single place for them.

I'll suggest renaming the Modules & Plugins board to Modules, Plugins & Other General Tools.


Thanks Gilbert! I would drop the "general" in that title, I would not want tools to be general but AGS game making specific in that topic.


If it's a more general tool (for example you write a storyboarding tool for adventure games) and not specific to AGS, you can also post it here in Adventure Related Talk & Chat. But if we decide to put such tools in the Modules board as well, that's also fine.

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