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Started by JLM_82, 25 Dec 2021, 15:36

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We have a passionate project in creating of a new Sierra-style point & click -adventure game with AGS. Besides, we have even plans to commercialize it, at least if we are satisfied enough with the final result. :wink:

But, does anybody have statistics, what kind of market there is today for retro-spirited point & click -adventures (let's say, in Steam and Especially for indie adventures?

I'd be very curious, what are the exact sales figures for the commercialized AGS-games like Al Emmo, Mage's initiation and Quest for Infamy? All (or at least most) of them are for sale in Steam and, but is there anywhere public information, how many times those games have been bought and downloaded?

Our project is today still so much "in progress" that we haven't yet released practically anything of it in puclic (except some recruitment posts). Would it be better to publish even "something" (let's say, website, social media pages, Youtube-trailer etc.) long before the project is completed - or just when the project is very close to be completed?

Thanks for all the information. :)

One sample screenshot from the game:


Obviously, most devs would not care to share such information, but due to an exposure of steam's achievement API back in 2018, there was some data uncovered. So if the game you are looking for came out before mid-2018, there is some info on it. Games like the ones you mentioned were redeemed by a couple thousand players over the course of several years (the majority obviously being around release). This of course is not counting games that were in popular bundles, or games that were given for free, or games from famous publishers like Wadjet Eye.

As for your second question, certainly, when you have something ready to show and a concrete release date, you should start sharing. How much you should share before that, having never published a game on steam or gog, I cannot say.

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