Found the old AGS Shows and Operas on my hard drive

Started by Rincewind, 24 Nov 2021, 09:27

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Hey all! A bit of a blast from the past here, but while going through some old folders on my computer I found what I think are most of the old AGS Shows made by m0ds, Grundislav, etc, back in the early 2000's (Episode 00 to 13) as well as some of the AGS Operas and other miscellaneous little audio things from ye olden day of the community, including some AGS podcasts, AGS debates, AGS Idol and more.

I tried to search around the forums to see if these are still available to download somewhere, but couldn't find any links that worked, so I thought I'd just put them in a shared google folder for anyone to download if they're interested. I'm not sure how many of the old school members are active here anymore and remember these, but I thought it might be nice to save these silly nuggets of AGS community history for posterity anyway.  :)

Relistening to these is a wild time machine into the early 00's forum, though, so beware: not every in-joke has aged with grace...


I've been lurking since the waning days of the EZ Board, and I barely remember this stuff. Good find!

By any chance do you have any unreleased episodes of the Blue Cup Podcast/ I've been jonesing for a fix!  :=


Sadly, no! I missed out on a lot that happened on the forums after 2010-ish, to be honest, so I just discovered and started listening to the Blue Cup Tool podcast like a month ago...  := I'm in the middle of binge-listening and catching up with it right now!

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