AGS is 25 years old

Started by eri0o, 03 Feb 2022, 10:39

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Guess I forgot to hit post last night...  :-[

Anyway, happy 25th birthday AGS!  :-D
Wish I had found AGS back in 98 when I search for a game making engine, I would have had 24 years of game making. Instead all I found was one to make text adventure games (and I did start making one, but I soon gave up on it... still have it today  :) it runs with DOS Box).
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happy birthday AGS, I raise my blue cup to you! May you bring us many more fun games for many more fun years ;-D


Wow, 25 years!

I did not realize how old AGS already is or how long I've been part of this community. I joined 2004. Time flies, time flies indeed.

Happy b-day, AGS.


Well, that's something. And I do know a few (older) games made with AGS (such as the original Downfall).
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I came upon CJ's homepage while looking for DOS stuff in 1998 I think, and Adventure Creator was at V1.13 and it didn't work in my computer (it just crashed :=) but V1.14(which also just crashed initially) suddenly worked and the rest is... em.... well... that I still never made anything after nearly a quarter century.


Happy birthday AGS! I joined the forums in 2006, though I first found AGS a few years before that. I was scared of programming and it boasted the interactions editor on the website - no coding required! I downloaded it and had a play but I couldn't figure out how to do branching if/else stuff, and also it was only 256 colours which confused me when all my (terrible) imported art was the wrong colours. I came back after I'd learnt some programming through school and decided it was fun and not scary after all. Still kind of miss the days when I was only working part time and could hangout on the forums and Stickam and sometimes actually finish making games.


Just popping by to say happy belated-birthday to AGS! May your blue cup never crack!   ;)
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Member since 10/2003 ... wow!  Mostly a lurker but do enjoy many AGS games.  Hail to the king!  :P


Wow it's been that long?! I wrote down that I released my first game Pizza Quest in 03-19-01 so I've been here for quite a long time.


I feel really old now... though I never released anything beyond a really awful demo of my original idea for a Captain Disaster game, my first experience with AGS was c. 2000, possibly a bit earlier, and still the DOS version with the forums on EZ Boards.


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