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Started by Kastchey, 21 May 2021, 10:04

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Dear AGS Awards fans,

We may have just wrapped up this year's ceremony, but there is already plenty of amazing submissions for this year to play.
Why not start early this time?

Below is the link to the 2021 version of the games list. Feel free to make your own copy. I will be updating the list as new games are released and as I play them, updates in this thread are welcome too.
I personally like making notes of what part of the game impressed me the most so I don't forget to nominate it accordingly when the nomination phase opens next time. Otherwise it's easy to miss, especially if the game was released early in the year.

Happy playing!


Now that the year is over, the list has been fully updated with the eligible entrants for this year's awards edition.
We have a total of 82 games including at least 9 commercial games, at least 8 demos and 20 MAGS games (some of these numbers will be updated as I'm still missing some data).

Keep an eye out for the nomination phase!


You may add voice work to the following games on the list:

La Maleta
Pedro's Adventures in Spanish
The Garden of Hades
AVC's Survival Guide

Edit: And Strangeland, of course.


"The Devious and Daring Commando Raid of Linkattus, The Lowly Janitor Rat, In Order to Free Ratzelda, the Princess of His Dreams, And to Get Her, Too" is a MAGS game -- genre Adventure. It was entered for MAGS 2018/05 (theme: "Rats") and was a (tied) winner.

However, I didn't enter it into the AGS Database at that time. The timestamp in the database counts, and so it enters the 2021 AGS awards.


Thanks, yes - your game is eligible for this year's awards per upload timestamp, just not this year's Maggies.


Hello guys,

I have a question. We released our Castle Dornstein Demo in September 2021, however we kinda forgot to upload our entry on AGS page. However, we have a long time post in AGS forums "Games in productions".

Anyway, my question is. Are we will eligible to join the AGS awards 2021?



The answer is unfortunately, no. Only games/demos posted on the AGS games database posted during 2021 are eligible to the 2021 awards.
Since you posted it first today, it'll be eligible to 2022.  ;)
There are those who believe that life here began out there...


Sadly, it is too late now. The nominations have already started. The games eligible for nomination are automatically taken from the database. It is generally possible to date back a database entry, but I wouldn't do that in this case. It only makes sense if you for example notice beginning of January that you forgot to add your game. But now the nominations are already ongoing, I advice against it.

I see that you added a demo this year, so it will be eligible for best demo during the next awards.


More voice work for the spreadsheet:

Crepe Fields: A Scare among Crows
Sphonx Tech Demo
A Curious Pastime (Speech during intro)

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