test mode with the editor on play on linux

Started by maDDam, 19 Nov 2021, 08:17

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Any advice to how to test my project without building everytime?

i can install successfully the editor on playonlinux, everithing is ok but the test mode

using 3.5.1 p4 AGS editor version  on playonlinux on ubuntu 20.04

Thank you!


"[...] but the test mode" - ...does what, exactly?

You cannot run an edited version of your game without building it. There's no hot-reloading or whatever you're looking for, unfortunately.


maybe i've not explained myself very well...

i'd want to click on test and try my project, but actually the only viable method is to build it,

hope you can help me


Oh I see, sorry about that. I misunderstood.

Anyway, to test the game you have to build it first.
Can you elaborate on how the test mode isn't ok? What happens when you press F5?
What do you mean "click on test"? I don't see a test button.


Ops.. i mean "Run" anyway is the green triangle icon!
when i press it, the editor gives me the message:

<< Loading game failed with error:
Not an Ags main game file or unsupported format..
the game file may be incomplete, corrupt or from unsupported version of AGS>>

Thank you for your response :)

If you check wine hq and look at ags page you can see that 3.4.0 the editor was very runnable through wine, maybe some component was added since than


From memory, I think this was a race condition where the game hadn't finished being written to disk yet but it was already being opened by the engine. I didn't ever find an easy way to fix it (likely either WINE or AGS the build commands needs to be told to wait until data is actually on disk) but I think you would find the game would be valid if you launch the engine manually after the automatic launch has failed.

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