Scroll Wheel utilization ?

Started by Baguettator, 08 Jun 2021, 18:17

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Hi !

I have a very simple question, I looked for a long time for an answer, but never found any...

I want to use the mouse wheel in a game to allow to scroll a slider up and down (it allows to scroll a label into a GUI to read the whole text that can't be displayed fully in the GUI).

Which functions can I use for that ?

Many thanks !

EDIT : oh sorry, I finally found out the solution... in the tutorial... It's like when I ask for help, help comes by it's own... :D


For anyone who found this from Google, below is the excerpt from the manual, about the on_mouse_click event handler:

QuoteIf 'Enable mouse wheel support' is enabled, this function can also be called with eMouseWheelNorth or eMouseWheelSouth

So don't forget to first enable the functionality in general settings.

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