New Room problems

Started by essaywrite7, 16 Jul 2021, 21:53

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I am using the change room code to switch rooms. Room 1 works fine:


And this gets me to the 2nd room, and the character loads into
the room and the room background is correct, but it won't
display the text i.e., Dispaly("hello xyz...");  and it won't
run the animations or anything. But the character can walk
around the room. It just won't run any of the script for room 2

Your input is greatly appreciated

Crimson Wizard

How is the room 2 script is organized, what functions are there, and so on? Have you connected these functions to events in the room editor?


I started the second room with

    function room_FirstLoad()

Because it's the first time I am loading that room. But I also tried

    function room_Load();

And also

   function room_AfterFadeIn();

I tried each of these at a time and then I just tried to display a message and even that won't work

Display("message 123...");

Thank you for your help

Crimson Wizard

So, have you connected these functions to room events in the editor, or simply wrote in script?

Here's the related video tutorial: video

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