Line too long error message in __DialogScripts.asc

Started by mabgamedesign, 03 Apr 2021, 22:18

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Hi! I hope this hasn't been asked already, but I set up a bunch of dialog scripts for my game. Some of them are empty placeholders until I have content, and some are not. They are not longer than 500 lines though. Every time I try to run my game I get this error:

" __DialogScripts.asc(222): Line too long (max line length = 500) "

I don't know where to look to fix it. I have scoured the GlobalScript, but I can't find the error. I can't find the asc file for Dialogs either.


That's because one of the lines in one of your dialogs has more than 500 chars.
It's not in the Global script or local scripts, just check all your dialogs in the Explore Project tree, and look for line 222 in them.


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