Started by Peegee, 07 Dec 2021, 11:26

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Hello. I have a problem with backups. I cannot use "SaveGameSlot" which saves the progress of the game. I have to make an independent save of each room. I have to use "ResetRoom" which only saves the objects, and include my other backup elements (characters, variables, inventory) in the room load. It works, until I quit the exe and relaunch it, my "save" is no longer there, unless I make it accessible at the start of the game. Question: Could the program save a variable that would say if the backup is accessible or not?


Anything besides savegames that is supposed to survive exiting and restarting the game must be stored in custom files.

Simply check the File section of the manual. You can write and read Strings or raw bytes at any point.


OK, thanks. I'm afraid it's a bit complex for me. I am moving towards a simpler solution.


1. Which one? There is none that I know of.

2. Since this is still about storing level progress or whatever, I can't help thinking this might be an [utl=]xy problem[/url]. Please try to describe, without any AGS-related technical terms, what your actual goal is here.
How is your game supposed to work from a player's perspective? Why do you need to store room progress independently? Can the player just leave a room and try another? When is a room going to reset?

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