Direct3D 1.0 plugin problem - SOLVED!

Started by Akril15, 17 Mar 2021, 16:12

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I'm trying to use the plugin from this thread, but whenever I try to run my game (which I'm making in AGS 3.4.0), I get an error message saying "Error: Game needs to be run in Direct3D mode". The problem is, I am running the game in Direct3D mode. If I uncheck the plugin, the game starts just fine, but if the plugin is checked, I get this error every time I try running the game.

Can anyone possibly shed some light on what's going on here?

Crimson Wizard

To double check, what do you see if you do Ctrl + Alt + V in game to display graphic mode info?


Ah - looks like the game was actually running in DirectDraw instead of Direct3D, despite the latter being selected under General Settings. Apparently the game was set up to run DirectDraw in its exe. Thank you!


Hi ! I discover this thread, and what is this plugin about ? What does it do ? Is it for a better quality of sprites ?

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