Can you model the tracking in PacMan in AGS?

Started by KyriakosCH, 23 Jun 2021, 18:40

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Blinky: directly to Pacman
Pinky: in front of Pacman
Inky: a function with inputs of being closer in front of Pacman and Blinky's position
Clyde: weirdo scattering if he comes close to Pacman, identical to Blinky when still away

Wondering if you can model this kind of tracking (particularly Inky's) in AGS :)
Not interested in making a PacMan clone, but the general tracking could be of use.
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Old arcade games couldn't do the pseudo-randomness that modern games commonly use, so they had to come up with special coding tricks to give the illusion of randomness. As such, even games like Bubble Bobble have no randomness in it, as everything (even when certain items appear) are determined by other factors. To be honest, I think this improves those old games, as it makes them more skill based. But the point is that it was a result of the limitations at the time. (This is all to my knowledge though. I'd love to hear someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

So in short, yes, it should definitely be possible. Because we're talking about an old arcade game vs a rather complex and modern game making utility.

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