An exception error in Pleughburg: Dark Ages Game (2001)

Started by Toejam, 21 May 2021, 18:44

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Hi. While playing an old AGS game Pleughburg: Dark Ages (2001), I've faced with an unexpected error (screenshot attached). It works when in the game I try to call via the phone or seach information via computer. The game crashes and shows this error.

If it may help, my operational system is Windows 10.

I really have no idea or experience, how to explain the appearance of the message. Please help me to find an appropriate solution. Ask for more information if you think I wasn't specific enough.


Crimson Wizard

From the screenshot it seems you are running the original executable, which is an engine v 2.51.

I doubt anyone would be able to help with the engine that old, but I may suggest to try running this game with either newer engine (3.5.0 or 3.5.1) or recently released AGS ScummVM port (which is mostly based on AGS 3.5.1).
Newer engine is supposed to run games made by 2.50 and higher, and I recall testing "Pleughburg" several years ago.

In order to run the game with the newer AGS engine: download latest release of AGS, copy acwin.exe to the game folder and run. You may also run new setup program as "acwin.exe --setup" from the command line.

ScummVM has its own instructions found on their site.

Please report any problems you encounter with the newer engines, as we are still interested in keeping old game support in AGS 3.5.*, and ScummVM team will also like to have this information.


Thank you very much. The last update of AGS works and the game doesn't crash anymore.

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